GRE Waiver Policy: UGA Regulatory Affairs Masters Program

Master's of Science GRE Waiver Request option

The GRE is the required test for consideration for admission into the MS Program. However, there is a new GRE Waiver request option. Under certain circumstances, such as an existing graduate degree or significant work-related experience in the health product industry, a waiver of the GRE requirement may be considered. No waiver request is guaranteed. This page outlines the policy on applying for this exemption.

You may print a PDF copy of this policy and the Regulatory Affairs GRE Waiver Request form by selecting this link.

importantGRE Waiver request

The Regulatory Affairs Program offers a Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Waiver Request option.  No waiver request is guaranteed and we encourage our applicants to consider taking the GRE as part of the application process. The GRE is one of the benchmarks we evaluate to ensure that an applicant can make it through the rigors of the UGA Regulatory Affairs Program.  Yet, for those applicants with significant work experience or other graduate education experience, the department may consider waiving the GRE requirement.   Applicants may be granted a waiver of the GRE requirement under the following conditions:


  1. Candidates who present an official transcript of previous graduate work from an accredited institution reflecting either of the following criteria:
    1. A minimum of nine credit hours of graduate course work in a related field with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average; or
    2. A previously completed graduate degree in a related field.

  2. Candidates who hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution in a related discipline, and who graduated with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better.  Candidates in this category must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience and clearly demonstrate in their statement of purpose that they possess the perspective, the intellectual capacity and the drive to successfully complete the program.

If a GRE waiver is granted, greater emphasis will be placed on the other components of the application packet in assessing the qualification of the applicant.  A candidate’s intellectual capabilities can be evaluated using academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and interviews.  Similarly, the candidate’s potential for contributing to the learning experience of the group as a whole can be judged from his/her work history, professional responsibilities and other elements of the application.

Under no conditions will a GRE waiver be granted to any candidate who does not hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.  All GRE waivers must be recommended to the Graduate School by the Graduate Coordinator of the Regulatory Affairs Program.  Applicants who request but are denied a waiver must take the GRE prior to admission to the Graduate School, i.e., such candidates will not be granted provisional admission pending either a satisfactory GRE score or a change in the waiver decision.

Remember NO provisional admissions will be granted while awaiting for an exemption decision. Remember also to allow yourself enough time to study for and take the GRE in the event the waiver is not approved including registering and studying for the GRE as well as the turn round time for the Testing Center to forward the test results to the UGA Graduate School.

  • Submit all supporting materials as PDF (Adobe Acrobat, .PDF) file types. Do not send image files or non-conventional electronic file types.
  • Allow also a six to eight week processing time on your waiver request. Be sure to include all required documents including transcripts; otherwise there will be delays. Do not assume that because you have transcripts on file with the University that you do not have to submit transcripts. In order for your waiver to be considered, you must include academic transcripts.

This GRE Waiver request application and the required supporting materials are a SEPARATE process from the UGA RA Program and Graduate School applications requirements.  Thus, you must treat this application and your program application as separate procedures and provide all required information for both applications.

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